Dear Readers

    It is with great pleasure that I announce the latest, 44th issue of the quarterly Scientific Journals of the Maritime University of Szczecin. In this issue we have published articles related to the naval industry and transport engineering. I am convinced that you will find this issue both informative and enjoyable to read. 

    The section on marine engineering contains original manuscripts on the analysis of modern vessel propulsion systems, research on single polymer polyester composites, new marine machinery solutions (improved accuracy of heeling angle measurement and steering gear performance) and selected topics within the field of ship design and thermal diagnostics. 

   The navigation section contains articles on global navigations satellite systems and radar technology on merchant ships, optimization of sea routes, approximating container ship resistance characteristics, navigational equipment in the Northern Sea Route and safety issues on passenger vessels in the Baltic Sea. 

   The transportation engineering section contains articles on improving the effectiveness and safety during transport, at ports and supply systems. Additionally, this issue also features articles examining the cause and effect analysis of ship fires, new radar systems on the Polish coast, crisis situation management and aspects of quality assessment. 

   I warmly encourage all the readers to send us their thoughts and opinions on this issue. I also invite researchers to submit papers to be considered for publication by the Journal. In order to access the electronic version of this and previous issues please visit


                                                                                                  Leszek Chybowski, PhD, CRP
                                                                                                  Szczecin, 07.12.2015
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