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    With great pleasure we present the 42nd issue of the Scientific Journals of the Maritime University of Szczecin which publishes original work on maritime-related topics. 

    The section entitled Marine Engineering and Innovation contains a series of articles dealing with deformation of engine components, improvement of flow efficiency and the reliability of buffered systems as well as power transmission and energy effectiveness. The section entitled Navigation and Maritime Transport focuses on nautical traffic models and contains case studies from the ports of Rotterdam, Szczecin – Świnoujście and Shenzen. Additionally, the issue contains papers on ship operational safety, expectations of human resources from an industry perspective, human and social factors affecting safety, and the operational running of the Archives of the Maritime University of Szczecin.

    Readers who wish to send us any comments and suggestions concerning the development of the journal are welcome to do so at any time. Authors are invited to submit original studies on a broad range of maritime-related topics. To access the electronic version of the current and back issues visit the journals website available at


                                                                           Leszek Chybowski, PhD, CRP                            Jakub Montewka, DSc
                                                                           Editor-in-Chief                                                      Guest Editor
                                                                           Szczecin, 30.06.2015
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