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ISSN 1733-8670 (Printed)

ISSN 2392-0378 (Online)

DOI PREFIX 10.17402

Dear Readers

     As a newly nominated Editor-in-Chief of the Scientific Journals of the Maritime University of Szczecin I warmly welcome all of you. This new function is a great honour and distinction for me. Taking this opportunity I would like to thank  the previous Editor in Chief Zbigniew Matuszak, DSc, PhD for his great contribution in the development and promotion of the magazine. Because of  many other  responsibilities Prof. Matuszak could not continue this duty. I wish  to continue his work and improve the position of the Scientific Journals in national and global rankings as well as  promote and disseminate  the latest scientific achievements of the maritime sector, including those of the faculties of our university.

     I hereby encourage all authors to submit their articles. Within the scope of our quarterly published in English  are the following  (but not only) topics:

  • Marine Engineering & Innovation (ship engineering, marine materials, ship propulsion systems, marine power plants, marine auxiliary machinery, engines, machines and devices exploitation, maintenance, operation, energy efficiency of marine systems, marine environmental protection, mechanics and thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, chemistry and technology of fuel and oils, technical diagnostics, machinery repairs and condition monitoring, safety and operational reliability of marine systems, modern constructions of marine diesels, shipbuilding, marine power systems, electrical engineering and automatics, control systems, robotics, sensors, production, transmission and distribution of energy, mechatronic systems, fire protection, electric drives, etc.);
  • Navigation, Maritime Transport& Technologies (marine navigation, vessel construction and stability, meteorologyand oceanography, marine rescue and shipping security,LNG & LCH transport, marine traffic engineering,manouevreand pilotage,navigational safety, navigational equipment,computer marine technologies, communication,geomatics, deep-sea fisheries, deep sea mining, offshore oil and gas industry, energy production fromwaves, tides and ocean currents, wind power plant, hydro-engineering
  • Transportation Engineering & Management (transport technique, integrated transport technology andenvironmental protection, commodities science,quality management, computermethodsin transport, organization and management in transport, logistics, transport systems, handling facilities in port, maritime affairs, transport policy,production engineering, education of engineers,STCW - Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping, application of simulatorsin teaching, commercialization of research results, innovation management).

     To access the electronic version of the current and back issues, I encourage all the  interested to visit the web site available at

     I am very pleased to present the newest issue of the Scientific Journals. Please do not hesitate to send us any comments and suggestions concerning the development of our magazine. In the latest issue you will find papers  relating to  the fishing fleet retrofit, application of GNSS signal repeater as a spoofer,selected aspects of the marine vessel navigation and application of mathematical models to evaluate the technical condition of ship machinery.                                                                                                       
                                                                                                            Leszek Chybowski, PhD, CRP
                                                                                                            Szczecin, 09.12.2014