The paper should be delivered in .rtf or .doc format. The Editorial Staff of the Scientific Journals reserves the right to modify or shorten the paper as well as to propose changes and corrections in agreement with the author. In case of notable changes and corrections, the paper may be returned to the author to be changed. 

Authors will be asked to make a statement that it has never been published before and has not been submitted for publication elsewhere. The decision on admitting the paper for publication is made by the Editor-in-Chief on the basis of two reviews.

All reviews are anonymous - the author does not know the names of the reviewers, and reviewers of the author's name (double-blind review). The paper is given a reference number for future correspondence. The author is notified of the result. The names of the reviewers of the current year are published in the last issue every year. The names of the reviewers cooperating with the magazine is published on the website. Two positive reviews are required for the paper to be published.

Editorial guidlines:   

All papers submitted for publication must be delivered with a filled in and signed Declaration of authorship.


Download declaration template:   


We support young researchers, therefore papers written by students and doctoral candidates are published free of charge (their student status must be proven).The regular publication fee is as follows for authors from:

  • Poland: 800 PLN (VAT included)
  • other European countries: 200 EUR (VAT included)
  • other parts of the World: 240 USD (VAT included)

The payment can be made at the cash desk of the Maritime University of Szczecin (1-2 Waly Chrobrego St., Szczecin), or by bank transfer (as the order title please write: Scientific Journal - publication, name of the first author). Prices are negotiable for several papers. 

For submission please us our Editorial System ARE

If do you have any remarks to this system please let us know.

In case of any problems please send your documents electronically at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by post to the editorial office held in a data storage device (e.g. CD). 

The Editorial Office will only accept a set of documents, i.e.:
  1. A paper written and formatted in accordance with the SJ requirements in .doc or .rtf format
  2. A completed and signed scan of "Declaration of authorship
  3. The proof of payment for publication (order title: Scientific Journals - publication, name of the first author). Copyright © 2014 Scientific Journals - Akademia Morska w Szczecinie